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     God bless you. This is Pastor Dr. Nancy E. Burgos writing, which by the grace of God I am pastoring next to my husband Luis E. Burgos the Evangelical Pentecostal Temple, which is part of the Organization of Churches Christ Missionary "The Tabernacle". We are located in 72 Orchard St in the city of Springfield, Mass.

      My first passion has always been music, bringing forth God's word through hymns of praise. My husband and I have worked together in music about 20 years, and our music ministry name was called "MDJ Music Ministry". Through out those years, I had the opportunity to record my first music production "Vivo Amandote"(I Live Loving You) in 1996, and my second production "De Tu Mano Esperare" (Of Your hand I'll wait) in 2006. Together with our 4 children, Natalie, Christine, Joshua and Jose, we have ministered in many places, events, concerts and others, through the music.

     In 2005 I was ordained as Minister, and soon began working as a Pastor, fulfilling God's calling on our lives. In 2013, I graduated from the Christain of America University with a Doctorate in Theology.

    Our passion is for the people to listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so they may receive salvation and live out their lives in holiness until His return. Through this page, we would love to continue to reach lives so they may be added to the Body of Chirst, and for our fellow brothers and sisters to be encouraged in their faith. 

About our Pastors

God bless you,

The Evangelical Pentecostal Temple is pleased to welcome you to our website. Our foundation is based on the principles of continuing to hold the holy doctrine.

We believe in accepting Jesus as our Savior through His death on the cross, repentance of sins and becoming a true worshipper in the spirit. We urge everyone to be filled with the Holy Spirit, who guides us into all truth and justice; Who will snatch us up to heaven where we will meet Jesus and live with Him forever.

Our church was founded in 1986 in the city of Springfield Mass through the labor of Rev. Jose M. Colon and his wife Ana E. Figuerora. Later in the year 2006, they left the Ministry, leaving myself, Nancy E. Burgos together with my husband Luis E. Burgos, which have remained until this present day.

We are affiliated to the ICM Organization The Tabernacle, in which the Minister, Pastor Victor Rios is the President and founder.

We are a church focused on leading souls to Jesus Christ and are determined to use all possible needs to spread the message of salvation.

We hope to be a blessing through this website and through MDJ Radio to spread the message of hope and salvation directly to your homes.

God bless You

About our Church

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